Air compressor lubricating oil FAQ

Why does the air compressor have a high temperature condition? How to solve it?

The oil is seriously aging or the coking and carbon deposits are serious, which affects the heat exchange capacity. It is necessary to use a cleaning agent to clean the oil circuit and replace with new oil.

Why does the air compressor deposit carbon and coke? How to solve it?

The temperature inside the air compressor is too high, which accelerates the degree of oxidation of the oil. It is necessary to lower the temperature of the machine to improve the operating environment.

Why is the water content in the lubricating oil too high?

The temperature of the machine is too low, resulting in a decrease in the demulsification performance of the oil. At the same time, the water is difficult to evaporate and take away and accumulate inside the machine.

Does the darkening or blackening of the oil affect the use?

Normally it does not affect. It can be judged by observing the cleanliness of the oil. If the oil contains more impurities, appears turbid, and has suspended matter, it is recommended to change the oil, otherwise it is normal.

Why does lubricating oil have peculiar smell? How to deal with it?

Overtime use, the oil is over-oxidized, the machine needs to be cleaned thoroughly and maintained on time.

Dust collector FAQ

What is dust collector?

A dust collector removes dirt, dust, debris, gases and chemicals from the air, providing your factory with cleaner air, which can provide numerous benefits.

How dose a dust collector work?

A dust collection system works by sucking air in from a given application and processing it through a filtering system so that particulate can be deposited into a collection area. Then the cleaned air is either returned to the facility or exhausted to the environment.