Industrial Dust Collector

  • Cyclone Dust Collector

    Cyclone Dust Collector

    The cyclone dust collector is a device that uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotating motion of the dust-containing airflow to separate and trap dust particles from the gas.

  • Pulse Baghouse Dust Collector

    Pulse Baghouse Dust Collector

    It adds side opening; air inlet and middle maintenance aisle, improves the fixing method of the filter bag, is conducive to the diffusion of dusty air, reduces the washing of the filter bag by the airflow, it is convenient to change the bag and check the bag, and can reduce the headroom of the workshop, It has the characteristics of large gas processing capacity, high purification efficiency, reliable working performance, simple structure, small maintenance, etc. It is especially suitable for capturing small and dry non-fibrous dust. Special form equipment can also be customized, and users can order according to their needs.

  • Cartridge Dust Collector

    Cartridge Dust Collector

    The vertical filter cartridge structure is used to facilitate dust absorption and dust removal; and because the filter material shakes less during dust removal, the life of the filter cartridge is much longer than that of the filter bag, and the maintenance cost is low.

  • Self-cleaning Air Filter Element

    Self-cleaning Air Filter Element

    Dust collector filter elements and self clean filter elements are made by JCTECH factory itself(Airpull). It is precisely design for wide filtration surface and big air flow rate with its self researched filtration material and structures. Diffferent caps are availabe for different operation patterns. All items are marked Replacement or Equivalent and are not affiliated with the original equipment manufacture, part numbers are for cross reference only.